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Wedding Wednesday – Welcome Newbies!

Did you get engaged over the holidays? If so, best wishes! Why did we not say “congrats”? Well, old etiquette says that you should tell the bride “Best wishes” and the groom “Congratulations”. Miss Etiquette sums it up perfectly on her blog: “Saying congratulations to a bride implies that she has won something – her groom. The […]

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Hand Canceled Invitations

Happy Wedding Wednesday! One of the most disheartening parts of the invitation process (at least for those of us obsessed with paper) is when an invitation arrives in the mail tattered and torn with markings all over the beautiful envelope you spent oh so much time designing. There is a solution folks! Hand canceling. Hand […]

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[…] be happier! What topped the experience? I asked my favorite guy at the Norwich Post Office about hand canceling them (did you see our blog about the importance and beauty of hand canceling invitations?)which he […]

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