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Wedding Wednesday – Catholic Rules

Happy Wedding Wednesday and Ash Wednesday! In the spirit of Ash Wednesday I did a little research on Catholic weddings to see if I found anything surprising or unknown and lo and behold there are some interesting rules and guidelines I wasn’t aware of until today!  St. Mary’s Parish in Annapolis, Maryland (my hometown Catholic […]

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Valentine’s Day Weddings

Happy day-after Valentine’s Day! Do you know anyone who got married yesterday? I know, I know, it was A. Valentine’s Day and B. a Tuesday, but it was a huge day for court house marriages! In 2 Maryland courthouses (Anne Arundel Country Courthouse and Harford County Courthouse), country clerks officiated over 40 weddings yesterday while in […]

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The Newlywed Cookbook

There are so many versions of newlywed cookbooks out there and they all make wonderful gifts for showers! Hubby-to-be gave me one for my 30th Birthday last month and I haven’t loved a cookbook as much as this in years. The photos are works of art, the typography is beautiful, and the recipes are divine. […]

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Sarah - February 6, 2012 - 11:39 pm


I was thrilled, thrilled to see your gracious and generous post about my book today! And I’m so glad it brought me to you! First, congrats to you and your Hubby-to-Be! And second, happy late birthday! I’m so happy your sweet future hubby got you my book, and I hope the pages fill your home and your table with joy and feasting for years and years to come. Your site is beautiful, and I’ll be back! x

Wedding Wednesday – Remembering Loved Ones

This week my family lost a dear soul, one of our grandmother’s, Santa (yes, very Italian and confusing at Christmas). She lived a long life of 90 years and passed on Monday. We also lost Matt’s wonderful grandfather right before Thanksgiving. As we plan the little details for our wedding we are thinking of ways […]

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