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Moving and Unpacking

I hope everyone had a wonderful long holiday weekend! We spent our Labor Day closing on our new home and moving into it! Matt and I have been searching for the perfect house for quite some time and it was quite a laborious process; but it’s true, good things come to those who wait. We bought our house – site unseen (we saw lots of photos) – the day before we got married! We had a home inspection a few days after the wedding and were happy with our gusto decision; it helps to have a real estate agent who knows you trust this much. Two months later we finally closed and moved in! The movers came this weekend and I have a lot of work ahead of me but I can’t wait to make every room just right.

Our new home studio will be set-up soon!

While the move is fresh in my mind I thought I would share my tips on packing pre-move. Our things were in storage for a few months and when I packed up after the wedding I was not thinking about what I would need immediately when we moved into the house. It seems trivial but I will never again pack these items; I’ll keep one box with me for moving day!

Things I wish I hadn’t packed:


  • It helps to have scissors to open things!

Tape measure

  • Super helpful when you’re trying to make a million trips to Lowes and BBB for new things

Hand soap and 2 hand towels

  • You’ll want one towel for the kitchen and bathroom! I wash my hands constantly when I’m unpacking/cleaning etc. and you’ll blow through paper towels quick.

Box cutter

  • Hilarious that I packed this and I have hundreds of boxes to open! Oops!

Vacuum, cleaning supplies, paper towels, toiler paper, and trash bags

  • While you can always buy these again it’s annoying knowing you have tons in a box somewhere. If you’re like me you’ll also want to clean before the movers come and after because some things (like the carpet and floors) are too difficult to get to later!

Screw driver

  • Ditto! I need a Philips head to out together my new carpet steam cleaner but I had to go buy one at the hardware store. It’s only $5 but now I own a gazillion screw drivers because of days like this


  • An empty house is a very quiet house! Our cable and internet won’t be installed for a few more days so for work I’m at Starbucks (at least it’s pumpkin season!) and at home we’re watching a lot of Seinfeld reruns (those old TV series DVDs actually do come in handy!)

Water and snacks

  • Moving is exhausting! Stay hydrated and well fed!


Ok, that’s it for now and I need to get back to the pup, but I’m sure I’ll have more to add as I unpack and get settled. I hope you’re ready for home blogs because my list is long!


If you have any moving/unpacking tips please feel free to comment below. Happy September!

Jen - September 4, 2012 - 1:56 pm

We moved in July and are still unpacking! But those are very good tips. I would also suggest making sure you have clothes and shoes for at least two weeks and for a variety of scenarios.
I managed to pack enough work clothes, but not enough moving/cleaning/casual clothes. And a girl I work with had to buy new shoes (not necessarily a bad thing, but still) because she was attending a wedding right after her move and couldn’t find the box with her shoes in it. All she had were running shoes (which she wore to work with skirts).

Tasty Thursday – Quiche

Quiche is one of my favorite, go-to meals. It’s my lets-go, empty the fridge, easy as pie and delicious as sin dinners. I love it with a crisp arugula salad in the summer and a warm veggie soup in the winter. Plus, it’s an awesome leftover so make it for Sunday dinner and have lunch for a few days! I got the base for this recipe from my sister-in-law EB and the best part is you can add anything you want to personalize it!


– 2 Pillsbury pie crusts (I don’t think quiche needs a homemade crust, and this makes it truly easy!)

– 2 cups skim milk

– 4 eggs

– 3/4 cups Bisquick

– 1 cup cheese (anything you want!)

– 1 cup veggies (ditto!)

– 1/2 cup meet (your choice!)



Combos: 1. spinach, goat cheese, salmon 2. chorizo, feta, spinach, green peppers1

1. Preheat oven to 375′; line pie pans with one crust each

2. Beat eggs

3. Add milk, Bisquick, and all veggies, cheese & meats

4. Season with minced garlic, salt & pepper

5. Mix together and pour evenly into 2 pie pans

6. Bake for 45-50 minutes


Some combos I love:

– spinach, chicken chorizo sausage, feta, green & red peppers

– salmon, goat cheese, spinach

– turkey bacon, onions, green & red peppers, spinach, cheddar & feta



Jillian & Matt Tie the Knot

It’s time to share photos of our wedding invitations! Matt and I were married on June 23rd this year and loved every minute of our wedding. It’s so nice to be able to say that!

We worked very hard on our invitations and were THRILLED with the end result – formality for Matt, nautical for the lake, creativity and a big work challenge for me, all wrapped up in a pretty package. Our invitations were hand pressed twice (by Jillian, cut on the guillotine by Matt) on a vintage Vanderbilt letterpress machine housed at Dartmouth College. This added to the significance for us since Matt went to Dartmouth and Tuck School of Business.

We used a beautiful, 100% cotton, paper that came as heavy as it gets. The first press was a blind (no ink) press of an outline I drew of Lake Winnipesaukee (our wedding location). The second press included the borders, our wedding logo, and the invitation text using a navy ink. We added a very traditional RSVP card, a reception card (our ceremony was in a different location than the reception), a brunch invitation, and a website card. All were held together with a light green belly band that had one of our favorite quotes from John Adams. The suite was then tucked inside a navy envelope lined with a chart of Lake Winnipesaukee and mailed in a white mailing envelope.

The final touch was our gorgeous calligraphy, each envelope hand written by my all time favorite calligrapher, Mandy Holt, who did a fab job with her Loopy Love style. I think part of the reason I knew Mandy was the one is when I found out she’s not only a Georgia girl but she lives in Decatur, minutes away from one of my dearest friends, Erin Howle, who also happened to photograph our invitations for this beautiful slideshow. If you live in the Atlanta area check out Erin Howle Photography for family photography, she is a doll to work with and her photos are stunning!

Enjoy the photos!

weddings and wellies - September 3, 2012 - 5:17 pm

Thanks so much Lori!

Lori - August 29, 2012 - 8:07 pm

I love your invitations! Great job & Congratulations :)

Summer Book Reads

Labor Day is just around the corner but it’s not here yet! If you’re done reading Fifty Shades of Grey, or couldn’t get past the contract in Book 1 like me, you may be looking for some great beach reads for this last week of summer. Here’s what I read and enjoyed this summer! Please share what’s on your list!!



B l o g   S c h e d u l e
D a i l y   R e a d s