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Life Update from W&W!

Sorry we’ve been so quiet on the blog front this week! It’s been very hectic trying to balance life and work around unpacking a new home and getting puppy used to his new surroundings. While summer wedding season is over we have some amazing Fall brides getting married – one this weekend! – and they have been our top priority! The good news is that today is our last day of painting, for now, and tomorrow we can make some headway unpacking!
The studio is underway – new furniture, new rug, homemade curtains and poofs on the to-do list, and more. We can’t wait to share photos of this wedding wonderland!

And soon I’ll have another eye to help choose colors and patterns, less furry than the current one but quite a bit shorter than a college intern
(although that’s on our list for next summer, stay tuned!). Did I mention it’s a baby?! I guess that’s been part of what’s been keeping us busy, or at least majorly preoccupied! Matt and I couldn’t be happier to announce our news and meet our little one in February!

Tucker can’t contain himself either …

More updates to come!

Don’t worry, we’re still 100% focussed on weddings and our gorgeous brides, but don’t be surprised if you see a baby line pop up sooner than later. It’s been in the works as many of our past brides have come back for baby announcements and shower invites so it seems like the natural progression for all of us right?! And then there were three … (ok, four Tucker, four)!


Wedding Wednesday – Registry Updates

Happy Wedding Wednesday! This week is flying by isn’t it?!

Registrering for a wedding can be a lot of work considering how much time and thought you and your fiancé put into choosing the items. As I was adding a bed skirt to ours yesterday I contemplated adding the plain one that was a few dollars less, only because it was a few dollars less, and then realized – this is the bed skirt we’re going to have for a really long time! We’re married adults, it’s OK to choose the one we want!

Even after your wedding you can add and purchase items for usually up to 6 months depending on the store and they almost always provide a registry completion discount if your buying the leftover items yourself (hence my bed skirt contemplation). If you make major life changes after your wedding, like move into a new home, you may wait to add some items until you realize what you really need (all of the sudden have 2 bathrooms? You need more sheets, towels, shower curtain, bath mat, accessories, etc!).

One major thing to remember to update after your wedding – your shipping address! We had everything shipped to my mother-in-law because we stayed with her most of the summer after our wedding but now that we’ve moved it’ll be much easier for us to have items shipped to us.

Don’t forget to let your guests know you moved too! A lot of people prefer to send wedding gifts after your wedding, which you may be very thankful for in the long run because moving nicely packed gifts takes up a lot of space! Consider sending out a change of address card to announce your new digs or a wedding thank you with a photo and your new address! Need help designing them? Let us do it! This is a sweet extension of your wedding stationery and not one to be missed!

How To Tuesday – Cleaning Mattresses

How to Tuesday!

I figure that’s the most approporate title for a little bit of home DIY blogging each week. I am no expert in this department but one week in as a home owner and there is a LOT to do! This one is short and sweet and the rewards are great. When is the last time (if ever) that you cleaned your mattress? We clean our sheets all the time but the mattress gets totally neglected. We’ve had our bed for years, it’s moved several times (always in a plastic bed bag but still) and has (eek) never been cleaned! Well, no longer poor Serta. Last night I followed the advice of several home cleaning pros and cleaned the mattress and will do so every six months (it’s already plugged into the calendar on repeat). Check out how easy this project is!

1. Remove all bedding and toss in the wash

2. Sprinkle baking soda (about 1 cup) all of the mattress – I did this with a measuring cup and my hand but if you have a sieve or flour sifter that will work too!

3. Let baking soda sit for 1 1/2 – 2 hours.

4. Using the brush attachment on your vacuum, vacuum up all of the baking soda.

It’s recommended to repeat this on both sides of your mattress. I didn’t have time before bed and have difficulty lifting and flipping it alone so I’m going to do the other side in 6 months. Whenever you clean also take the time to flip your mattress over and headsie-tosies to balance out the lumps and bumps you create in the meantime!

Happy cleaning (and sleeping!)


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