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Bring on the Bubbly

Happy Wedding Wednesday! Wednesdays are the time when we will share tips, advice, etiquette, photos, etc. about weddings. Weddings take A LOT of planning so we hope these posts will help ease the process for you along the way.

Champagne is almost synonymous with weddings – it usually pops up during an engagement, after an engagement, as a “congrats” for an engagement, at engagement parties, at showers and bachelorettes and ultimately as you toast your newlywed. Since we recently spent some time in wine country I thought I’d share what our knowledgeable sommeliers and wine-makers have taught us about the bubbly.

Champagne vs. Prosecco

The first thing to note is that we didn’t actually taste any champagne while we were out West because it’s not made here. Champagne is indigenous to France, specifically the Champagne region of France. There are actually laws in place that prohibit winemakers outside of this region to label sparkling wine “champagne” with the exception of some being allowed to use “champagne-style”. The origins of champagne are filled with royalty and prestige and the older, the better.

Champagne is a sparkling wine consisting of grapes from the varieties of Pinot noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Menuier. Inducing a secondary fermentation of the wine while bottled affects carbonation and from what we’ve learned, the smaller the bubbles, the better!

Prosecco is different. Italy’s version of the bubbly is considered an “everyday drink.” The biggest difference in this celebratory sip is that prosecco does not improve with age and should actually be consumed within six months time (1 year max) of its purchase (if this is news to you like it is to me, you are probably planning on serving a lot of engagement gifted prosecco this week!).

Taste-wise the bubbly drinks tend to be similar in that there are so many grape varieties to choose from. The biggest difference you’ll find (listen up savvy brides!) is in price. The average bottle of champagne ranges from $25 to $75 while prosecco comes in at a whopping $10 average. If you’re looking to toast all night long prosecco may be a fantastic option for your reception!


Photo courtesy of Wine Enthusiast





Labor Day Rules

Well folks, Labor Day is upon us which means summer is coming to its end. It’s time to say goodbye bathing suits, hello tweed (and pumpkin spice everything)!

If you’re wondering whether you can break Nana’s rule “Do NOT wear white after Labor Day”, we say throw caution to the wind and pretend she’s not listening. According to the experts at Elle, the old rule is just that, old. The fashion rule stems from an outdated upper-class habit of wearing linen to beat the heat and donning saturated fall finery to announce a return to reality from summers away. But, seasons change and rules are broken. I think one of my favorite fall looks is a chunky sweater, white cropped jeans and of course a Barbour coat. Throw on some black wellies and we’re talking super country chic (apple picking anyone?). But, don’t just take it from me – check out the runways at New York’s Fashion Week and you’ll see more white than ever before. If you can’t trust YSL and Stella McCartney, who can you trust?

Cheers to the last sunny weekend, we’ll see you next week!

Photos courtesy of Bridgett Eraes blog and

Running in Napa

Good morning! I hope everyone on the East Coast is safe and sound after the days of Irene’s storm. I was lucky enough to head out West for a meeting at The Academy of Art so I missed the beast of the storm.

One of my favorite things to do when visiting a new city is to take a morning run through town. I think it gives me a good sense of direction for where we are and you get to see sights you may have otherwise missed. This morning I woke up in Yountville, CA, part of Napa Valley. We are staying at an adorable French style inn, the Maison Fleurie right in the heart of town.


On my run I passed beautiful homes, bunny rabbits on the side of the road, grapes on the vine an arms-length away, and rose after rose after rose. For anyone including garden roses in their wedding bouquet, this is the place to be.

Ok, off for some wine tasting! If you’ve been to Napa share your tips please!

Photos courtesy of City Data and Viola Flowers.

Something Old

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

We are all familiar with the old adage “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”. For some people these traditions may come easy but for others they may be the start of traditions to come and the thought and consideration that goes into selecting the perfect item amounts to a lot of pressure.

“Something old” can range from your great-grandmother’s broach to a pair of earrings you’ve owned for just a few years – the most important thing to consider is that your “something old” makes you feel fab on your wedding day.

Some ideas we love include:

* Share an old family recipe during dessert. Did your fiance’s mother make the best cherry cheesecake this side of the Mississippi? Have the dessert for all to taste and share the recipe on sweet cards for your guests to take home.

* Wrap your bouquet with an old handkerchief that belonged to a grandparent or attach a broach or pin in the stems.

* Wear a locket containing family photos around your neck, a family vintage veil, or an heirloom dress.

Did you hear about Allison Rinaldi who wore a 127 year old wedding dress? Allison is one of five women in her family to wear the gorgeous gown, first debuted down the aisle by her great-grandmother in 1884! Now that is “something old”!

What I am I using as my “something old”? Parts of my mom’s wedding dress, which was also worn by her mother. Her gorgeous duchess satin gown is on the tiny side of tiny so no one in the family will be wearing it. Instead we’re saying adieu and slicing it into wedding DIY heaven. It will yield a homemade ring bearer pillow for my nephew and Matt’s godson to carry down the aisle as well as serve as the ribbon wrap to my bouquet and a monogrammed patch inside my dress. To share the love mom is also making tooth fairy pillows for all of the munchkins in the family. I couldn’t think of a more personal way to share my “something old” and I will absolutely be saving every bit of it for my daughter to use one day. Starting traditions makes me one happy gal.

Now that we’ve been sentimental and hopefully caused a few tears (I know I’m dabbing my eyes!), let us know, what’s your “something old”?!


Photos courtesy of Chicken Little via Wedding Bee, Evrim Icoz Photography, and


Manic Monday, take 1

Good morning!!!

Today is our official blog launch and I have to admit I am a little bit nervous, a little bit sleepy, and very much excited! Thank you to all of our friends, family, clients and fans for the amazing support. This website and blog have been a labor of love all summer long and we are THRILLED to finally be able to share it with you! Please check by regularly for posts about life, love, paper and weddings. We will strive to provide weekly inspiration for design, weddings and fashion as well as share recipes, workouts, favorite reads and more.

Manic Mondays are pretty much a grab bag, we’ll talk about weddings, puppies, workouts, recipes and whatever else is on our mind at the beginning of the week. So, now that I’ve had some coffee and some coffee cake (did I mention we’re on vacation this week? working from home of course but my view of Lake Winnipesaukee right now is spectacular) I’m ready to start the day!

Lake Winnipesaukee is our second home (and where we’re getting married!), so we are spending this week with the fam – waterskiing, boating and relaxing on the dock.

To jumpstart the weekend Matt’s sister Lisa and I did our 2nd sprint triathlon – the Timberman! The sprint consists of 1/3 mile swim, 15 mile bike, and 5k run. I highly recommend trying one if you are interested in any of the 3 activities, the sense of accomplishment at the end is worth the 5am wake-up call. It’s an early start for this sleepy head but an excellent workout and a great way to end the summer!

Let us know what you did this weekend, and to all of our fellow tri participants, congrats and great work!

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