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Before the Big Day

undefinedThe invitation is the most anticipated piece of wedding stationery however there are several occasions that lead up to your big day and all should be designed in style!


People are planners! Let them know ahead of time when and where you’ll be getting married so they can add your special day to their calendars.┬áHere are a few ideas of what we can do to announce your big day:

* post card

* note card

* map

* 3D (message in a bottle, seashell, etc)

* calendar

* plane ticket / luggage tag

* sweet treats (custom silhouette cookies? mini apple pie? just ask, our second passion is baking!)



You’ll need invitations and thank you cards for all of your parties:

* Engagement Party

* Bridal Showers

* Bachelorette Party

* Bridal Luncheons






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