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Painting Must-Haves

I have spent a lot of time painting lately – closets, trim, mailbox posts, front door, etc. and I have come across a few must-have items!

I have always used Gojo soap in the studio as it is tough on letterpress paints – it works the same for home paints as well! If you tend to get paint all over your hands (and feet and legs and arms…) like I do then you will love having a bottle of this under the sink!

Frog Tape! It most definitely costs more than typical blue painters tape. Pay the extra money, please! I saw an ad for Frog Tape on HGTV and decided it was worth trying and let me tell you, it is amazing! All of your lines will be beautiful and straight. I hired a handyman to paint our living room and master bedroom and have been fixing all of his lines because he used blue tape. It’s not worth it, please please please trust me on this one!

Any other great painting tools we should know about? Please share! Good luck DIY-ing!

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