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The Art of the Thank You Note

Every gift deserves a thank you note, especially wedding gifts! We are knee deep in the process and have some great tips to share. Curious about when to send? Who should write? There are a few simple etiquette guidelines to follow, see below!


Wedding thank-you gifts should be sent within 6-8 weeks of your wedding; shower gifts within 2 weeks. One way to plan ahead is to order coordinating thank you notes from your stationer (like Weddings & Wellies!) before your wedding so you have all the necessary materials readily available. Order a few sizes and

designs so you can easily adapt to the note being sent (think small, big, flat, fold-over, some with your monogram, some with a simple “thank you”). We also advise writing thank you notes as you receive gifts. If you do this with early arrivals the bulk of your workload will be lightened after the wedding.


Deciding what to write can be one of the most challenging parts of the thank you card process. First off, address your guest (Dear Aunt Sue,).

Second, if the guest gave you a gift, reference how you will use the gift in your note. For example, “We can’t wait to make breakfast on Sunday mornings with our new waffle maker!”.

If the gift was monetary, reference the gift giver’s generosity.

Don’t forget to mention their attendance at your wedding as well!


Address the gift giver according to your relationship with them. If you normally call your neighbors Mr. and Mrs. Smith, it is best to address them this way in the thank you card and on their envelope. If you have a more casual relationship the thank you card is your time to be relaxed, as opposed to the formality of your invitations.


Every gift giver should receive a thank you note acknowledging the gift they gave you. If there are guests from whom you did not receive a gift it is still kind to send them a thank you note for their attendance at your wedding. Another way to do this is to send a photo card after the wedding or during the holidays. Or send out a moving announcement for you and your new husband and include a personal note about how wonderful it was to see the recipient at your wedding.

Even if you order a custom photo card (yep, we can help!), it’s always nice to hand write a short note on the back to add a bit of personal touch.


If you have time to plan ahead, write a thank you note to your vendors and include their tip in the envelope on the day of the wedding. This is a much more pleasant way to give and receive cash and to acknowledge the vendor’s hard work. If your wedding has passed, a thank you note is still welcomed so send it along afterwards. Also, make sure to review your vendors online at sites like or send them testimonials to use for their own websites. Remember how important reading reviews was for your decision making process so help out your fellow brides-to-be!


Organizing a wedding is hard enough and afterwards you may want to never see your binder again. However, make sure to track all of your wedding gifts, before and after the wedding. We recommend adding more columns to your guest list (could it be any longer!?) nothing “Shower Gift”, “Thank You Sent”, Wedding Gift”, and “Thank You Sent”. This way you can keep track of all of your gifts and thank you progress in one place. It also becomes a very handy tool during the holidays as well!

Good luck and happy writing!!!

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