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Wedding Wednesday – Vino Please!

I’ve been sharing gifts from my bridal shower the past few weeks and this is one of my all-time favorites and creative chart toppers!

One of my bridesmaids and dearest friends is a 1st grade teacher (yes, she is as cute as a button!) and put together an incredibly thoughtful gift of occasion wine! Presented in a gorgeous Pottery Barn wine crate was 6 bottles of wine. Not only did the wine make me happy but each bottle was thoughtfully selected because of it’s label’s significance. Each bottle had a tag, handwritten by KW, with a celebration that Matt and I will share during our first year of marriage. The occasions that she gifted us were: First Anniversary (champagne!), First Thanksgiving (harvest wine), First Valentine’s Day (couple dancing on the bottle), First Christmas Eve (pine trees on the label), First Trip to the Lake (sailboat on the label and where we’re getting married!), and First Dinner Party (the wine is called Shindig, amazing!).

I cannot wait to celebrate each of these occasions with my soon-to-be husband. Thanks Kristin!!! xoxo


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