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Hand Canceled Invitations

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

One of the most disheartening parts of the invitation process (at least for those of us obsessed with paper) is when an invitation arrives in the mail tattered and torn with markings all over the beautiful envelope you spent oh so much time designing. There is a solution folks! Hand canceling.

Hand canceling an invitation is when the post office personnel hand stamps each envelope with a post mark instead of running it through the heavy, automatic machine.This keeps the envelope neat and clean and prevents damage such as tearing. Hand canceling also adds an elegant touch as it eliminates all of the not-so-pretty post machine markings.

Photos courtesy of Top Wedding Questions and Wedding Bee.

Not all post offices are willing to hand cancel invitations as the process does take more time than usual but we think it’s worth trying! We suggest finding a small, local post office and visiting at a quiet time of day. Explain that these are wedding invitations (you’re not asking to hand cancel your electric bill) that took a lot of time and energy to produce and you would hate to see them ruined by the machine. Cookies might help too:)

Fingers crossed that our save-the-dates were actually hand canceled yesterday. The lovely woman at the Norwich, VT Post Office promised to oblige but I didn’t stay to watch …

Did you hand cancel your invitations? Have any post office wedding advice? Please share!





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