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Gift Guide – For the Butcher

If you read our blog you know that cooking and baking are a big part of our lives! This may be the #1 gift on Jillian’s list (Christmas, birthday, wedding, any time)!

The Vita-Mix CIA Blender, Professional Series – this is not your normal blender. It can make smoothies, sorbet, ice cream, soups, flours, dips and more. I’ve even heard you can throw in a pineapple, stem and all…

It’s known to change lives, people.

Available at Macy’s for $499

Another great gift for the cooking lover is Tastebook! This was the first Christmas present I received from my soon-to-be husband and it is still my most treasured present of all times. Tastebook is a website that allows you create custom cookbooks. Matt stole all of my favorite recipes during our first year of dating and used Tastebook to create a cookbook that was extremely personal to the two of us. It had recipes from our first date night, my nana’s crab imperial, a baking disaster with an old friend, and more. It is one of the most thoughtful and creative gifts out there. The completed product is a beautiful binder style cookbook with glossy style pages (great for protecting against spills). An added benefit is that the receiver can thenĀ  create an account with Tastebook so they can continue to add recipes as the years pass plus you can access your account online or even from your iPhone which really comes in handy at the food store when you forget to make a list! Did I mention that this is the best present I have ever received? Thanks Matt:)

Available at Tastebook

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